♦ Nosy Be

You are looking for sun and white sand beaches, you dream of a dream setting authentic and preserved, you want to soak up the Malagasy culture so warm and welcoming … look no further, you are at Nosy Be!

Réserve naturelle - Nosy be
Découverte de la cascade de Nosy Be
Réserve naturelle - Nosy be
  • 2 seasons characterize Nosy Be, from March to November, and dry season from December to February, the rainy season (rain falling at night usually)

  • The average temperature ranges between 25 and 30 degrees throughout the year on Nosy Be.

  • Nosy Be, meaning « Big Island » extends over 40km long and 30 km wide and has approximately 70,000 inhabitants.

  • With nearly 40,000 tourists per year (against nearly a million of Mauritius), Nosy Be well preserved remains a jewel in the Indian Ocean.

Nosy Be offers you a multitude of decors dream of

White sand and turquoise water, wild coastlines and authentic, dense forests, wildlife and diverse flora and endemic species (lemurs, chameleons, ylang ylang trees traveler etc …), tropical fruits, small bordering islands Nosy Be, sunsets breathtaking … in a warm and friendly atmosphere punctuated by the salegy, local music dear to the people of Madagascar.

In collaboration with Nosy Be Original, our longstanding partner of Nosy Be, Escapades offers many excursions :