♦ CIRCUIT MITSIO discovery of the archipelago


Strolling in Mitsio: 4, 5, 6 or 7 days

After breakfast, the team will pick you up at your hotel and you will transfer to the port. After you have received and installed on board the ship set sail for 1 hour navigation management Tanikely meaning « small island of land » in Malagasy. This underwater national reserve simply visit snorkeling. Opportunity to tour the island accompanied by myriads of colorful fish and turtles.

An abandoned lighthouse in the middle of the island provides access to a beautiful view of the bay of Nosy Be. In mid-afternoon to Nosy Sakatia equipment, first night at anchor closer to a desert beach.

After a nice breakfast, a shore excursion to the most courageous will discover a rich vegetation diversity (vanilla, ylang ylang, coffee, cashew nuts …). Lovers of the sea will be filled by a fauna and flora of underwater beauty. Apparatus mid morning heading for Nosy Mitsio. We frôlerons Four Brothers home to colonies of birds called brown crazy, we admire the basalt finally reaching Bay Marine be.
At nightfall, the bay in the background that displays a mangrove offers a symphony of sounds from animals that inhabit

Before the sun is too high in the sky, we will base for a very nice ride that will visit a small fishing village, to contemplate the Satrana (local palm) and why not one of the most photographed birds rare in the world: Ankoay (osprey of Madagascar). For the lazy, relaxing in the hammock and swimming are also possible.
By late morning, we reach Nosy Ankarea with its white sand and black basalt. Swimming and snorkeling will allow us to appreciate the extreme wealth of the seabed. The meeting with many pelagic fish (tuna, barracuda ….) is common.

Before the sun is too high, we will join the Mitsio.
As soon as you arrive in the Mitsio, the notion of time is lost… Tsarabanjina is certainly one of the most beautiful islands of the archipelago. Its white sand beaches and crystal clear water make it a paradise for relaxation and relaxation.
The day always seems too short to fully appreciate this dream location.

We set sail for a morning to the island of Nosy Komba, driven by wind and tides departure, we are approaching mid-morning the impressive silhouette of the island. Komba rises to over 600m in altitude, a tiny group of islands (the islands of Vorona) marks the entrance to the anchorage.

Visit the main town of the island and its fleet of lemurs before returning in the afternoon on the island of Nosy Be.

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